Wednesday, 24 February 2016

6 types of shovels

There are a lot of differences between different kinds of shovels that are specialised for different purposes as they see a large variety of different uses.

Digging shovels

Digging shovels have a slightly curved scoop with upturned edges and can have either a flat or pointed tip. Pointed tips are more used for digging and planting in soft tilled soil whereas the flat tips are used for the heavier more hard packed soil that need more force to get in to. Square point shovels can also perform many of the same functions as a garden spade such as lawn edging or cutting small roots.

Trenching shovels

These are designed for digging and clearing trenches and they normally have a sharp pointed tip and square sides to help them produce clean trench walls while minimising the disruption to the surrounding soil.They are also often used for laying irrigation pipes and removing deeply rooted plants.

Drain Spades

Drain spades are extremely narrow with slightly curved edges and a rounded tip which makes them very good and more precise work such as adding flowers to flower beds and transplanting small shrubs.

Scoop  Shovels

Extremely broad shovels with a flat tip that are terrible at digging but very good at moving loose materials like coal, stone or snow.


Scrapers are used to clear ice and debris from driveways and roofs and are also pretty handy for eliminating weeds poking through the ground.

Trowels and soil scoops

Normally used for small jobs such as re potting, spot reseeding and other various tasks. They do not have the long handles or wide blade instead they have a pointed curled scoop to dig out holes for seedlings and new transplants.

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