Thursday, 18 June 2015

How to Repair a Chain Link Fence

A damaged chain link fence is an easy DIY repair job for around 60 dollars whereas some professionals would charge you about 150 dollars for the same job.

What you need

To repair a fence you will need a section of top rail with one open end and one crippled end. You will also need a hacksaw, file and pliers and a helper.

Fixing The Fence

Start by removing the wire ties that hold the fence fabric to the top rail, then rest the new rail on top of the damaged rail and have your helper hold it in place while you mark a cutting line on the old rail. Mark a cut on the other end of the new rail where it meets a joint. Cut the damaged rail at the cutting line then slide it off the joint and toss it. The ncut the excess of the top rail to mate with the existing joint. Create some maneuvering room by unbolting the top rail and sliding it away from the damaged area. Install the new rail onto the old rail and reconnect the corner post.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Making Compost with Garden Waste

Turning garden waste into something other than waste to be supposed is one of the easiest things you can do and it will probably end up saving up time and effort in the fact that otherwise you would have to dispose of it. Lets take a look at just how easy it is.


Compost Bins

Finding the right site for a compost bin is vitally important in breaking down the garden waste into useable food for your garden. The bin should be set somewhere sunny, which will help the chemical processes, on compost or soil. This will allow the worms to colonise and not die out or move on to ensure your compost heap is a success.
As well as adding garden waste to the compost bin remember that there are a whole lot of household items than can also go in there such as vegetable peelings, fruit, teabags, cardboard and a whole bunch more. Just remember to keep out all cooked food leftovers!
Keep adding to the compost bin for 9 - 12 monthes and once it turns into a dark crumbly material representing moist soil with an earthy, fresh aroma you know your good to go to add that stuff to the garden.