Wednesday, 30 September 2015

When or When Not to Buy a Top Handle Chainsaw

The decision to buy a top handle chainsaw or not depends entirely on your situation. Lots of factors come into play like will you need to use the chainsaw one handed, will you be using the chainsaw in a place where balance is key or even your current experience with chainsaws. All these factors we need to look at when asking the question, "Should I or should I not buy a top handle chainsaw?"

Benefits of a Top Handle Chainsaw

A top handle chainsaw key feature is that it does not have a rear guard. This makes the chainsaw more compact and easier to sue in tight situations. It also allows the chainsaw to be used with one hand which can come in very useful when in a tree, cutting a branch or at the side of your house if space is tight. The final key benefit of using a top handle chainsaw is that they usually have a smaller engine than a regular chainsaw which makes it the ideal starter chainsaw for beginners

Negatives of a Top Handle Chainsaw

A top handle chainsaws key drawback is that it has a smaller engine. Now while this can be a benefit for a beginner chainsawer, for a seasoned professional looking to cut down a redwood maybe a 26cc engine just doesn't cut it? Now a redwood is an extreme example but even large trees in the garden can be a lot more difficult to cut without that bigger engine that the top handle chainsaw simply does not have.

Conclusion on "When or When Not to Buy a Top Handle Chainsaw"

You should buy a top handle chainsaw when you have a smallish garden where you may need to cut branches of trees and space is tight. Also if you are new to chainsaws a top handle chainsaw is a fantastic way to start.
You should not buy a top handle chainsaw when the amount of work that is required is substantial and large objects need cutting.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Disposing of Garden Waste

There are a large number of ways to dispose of garden waste. The cost has a large variety and some methods are better for certain jobs so here are 5 for you to choose from.


Calling the Council

These include calling the council some of which but not all will provide home collection of garden waste for which green waste may charge a small fee but it isn't too expensive.


There is the option of a skip which can cost quite a bit and take some time to get to you so there's also the alternative of hippobags. This method tends to be the best for larger jobs and having a skip is one of the easiest methods.

Hippo Bags

They don't have the same capacity so a skip would be the better option nut they are a lot faster getting to you. They come flat packed ordered on-line or they can be bought in most DIY stores. This is cheaper than a skip or calling a guy.

Call a Guy

Go through your yellow pages and find anyone doing garden waste in your area. Call them and leave the waste for them. This is the most convenient method but also the most expensive.


You could also take your waste to a recycle bank. This is the greener option but it does carry the issue of transporting waste. If there isn't too much this is easily done if you have hippobags.

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