Wednesday, 24 February 2016

6 types of shovels

There are a lot of differences between different kinds of shovels that are specialised for different purposes as they see a large variety of different uses.

Digging shovels

Digging shovels have a slightly curved scoop with upturned edges and can have either a flat or pointed tip. Pointed tips are more used for digging and planting in soft tilled soil whereas the flat tips are used for the heavier more hard packed soil that need more force to get in to. Square point shovels can also perform many of the same functions as a garden spade such as lawn edging or cutting small roots.

Trenching shovels

These are designed for digging and clearing trenches and they normally have a sharp pointed tip and square sides to help them produce clean trench walls while minimising the disruption to the surrounding soil.They are also often used for laying irrigation pipes and removing deeply rooted plants.

Drain Spades

Drain spades are extremely narrow with slightly curved edges and a rounded tip which makes them very good and more precise work such as adding flowers to flower beds and transplanting small shrubs.

Scoop  Shovels

Extremely broad shovels with a flat tip that are terrible at digging but very good at moving loose materials like coal, stone or snow.


Scrapers are used to clear ice and debris from driveways and roofs and are also pretty handy for eliminating weeds poking through the ground.

Trowels and soil scoops

Normally used for small jobs such as re potting, spot reseeding and other various tasks. They do not have the long handles or wide blade instead they have a pointed curled scoop to dig out holes for seedlings and new transplants.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Removing Rust from Saw Blades

Surface rust is a common problem regarding chainsaw blades that can lead many owners to go out and purchase completely new blades due to not having the know how or go get em attitude required to simply remove this harmless rust. To help save the pounds and throw a little knowledge your way, here is how you remove rust from saw blades using white vinegar.

The White Vinegar Method

  1. Fill a container capable of submerging your saw blades with white vinegar.
  2. Leave saw blades to soak in white vinegar for 48 hours.
  3. Remove saw blades and wash thoroughly with soapy water.
  4. Use towel to dry the saw blades.
  5. Place in drying rack with fan directly placed on them.
Following these steps will make your saw blades as good as new but will do very little to prevent rust forming again. All is not lost however as following these simple tricks will ensure your blades stay in good knick. 

Thursday, 11 February 2016

How to split firewood correctly

Using your own wood for a fire can be quite cosy and a good way to ride out the winter in comfort while keeping that heating bill down so here's a couple of tips on how to split all that wood yourself.



Your going to need either a maul or an axe. A maul has a wider head and is heavier making it ideal for splitting wood but an axe can be used for smaller jobs. sharpness inst all that important for a job like this as our not cutting the wood. You're splitting it. You're also going to need a good source of wood. Seasoned wood splits easier but this does mean you'll have to stack it twice. Never attempt to split wood with nails in it. Its bad for the axe and potentially for you if it comes flying out.


Put the piece on its end on a chopping block if one is available or on the ground. Using he ground has a chance to dull the axe blade however. Make sure that you position yourself so swinging with straight arms the blade will hit the centre of the wood. Make sure not to overreach. Coming up to short your blade hits the ground and its not too bad but if you overreach the handle will hit the wood and oo much of this and you'll need a replacement.


Its good practice to aim for the same spot every time even if you don't always hit it over time this will improve your aim. Also make sure to let the weight of the axe do most of the work not your own force. this will stop you getting tired as fast.