Monday, 6 July 2015

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw

There are a lot of people who do not know how to sharpen and regularly maintain a chainsaw and the lack of this knowledge can cost a lot of money to get done for you. So here I am going to show you a few tips on how to sharpen and simple maintenance for your chainsaw.

Learn the size of the saws chain

You will need either a rotary grindstone or chainsaw file that matches your chain tooth. Since there are several sizes of chainsaw teeth the grindstone or file must be the correct diameter for the saw.

Clean the chain thoroughly

You may use spirits or a degreasing detergent to remove oil and dirt from the chain. Do not flood or get excessive cleaner on the engine or other components, since some of these products can damage the plastic housing or other parts.

Inspect the Chain

Individual teeth may be broken or bent and if they get worn down too much they could break while in motion.

Clamp the saw

The saw will need to be stable and the blade must be firmly supported. You will get better results if the chain is allowed to rotate freely.

Locate the leading cutter

This is the shortest cutter on the chain and would be the best starting point. If all the cutters are nearly the same length then the starting point you choose will not matter. 

Use a twisting motion

File each cutter using a twisting motion to discharge metal chips. There is varying opinions as to the best direction to use the file but it really doesnt matter.

Reverse the saw

Reverse the sides of the saw to do the un filed teeth angled in the other direction using the exact same method.

Oil the chain

After oiling the chain, check the tension and you will be ready to cut again.

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