Monday, 11 May 2015

How to use Loppers

Not many people are sure how to properly use loppers in their garden so I am going to go through a few guidelines and tips for them here.

Two Types

There are two types of loppers with a very subtle difference. Bypass loppers have a single edged blade that slices past the base. Anvil loppers have a blade that slices to the center of the base so they are less clean and less precise but sometimes you will just need the extra force they are capable of.

General technique

You will probably need some sturdy work gloves for this and maybe safety googles dependiing on how dense the vegetation is. Now you will want to choose an exact spot that you can get a good cutting angle on. It works best to place the blade right next to your cutting site but be aware for bypass loppers they may shift about a uarter of an inch. It also helps to properly get in there. Cutting branches like paper with snips will tire you out faster and dull the blade faster so its always best to try and get the whole branch in there. When making the cut try and do it in a single fluid motion.


Work comfortably to avoid tiring yourself out too fast. Dont fully extend your arms unless absolutely necessary. If you feel the lopper twisting its probably a good idea to switch to a pruning saw as this is an indicator the branch may be too big for loppers.

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