Wednesday, 6 May 2015

How to Plan your Flower Garden

Lots of people are unsure of how to properly plan their flowers to make a beautiful garden so here are some tips on that.

Good Placement

You want to plant your flowers in the right soil for them to grow strong and healthy. Regardless of in a pot or in a garden good soil is a requirement so avoid soil heavy with clay, sand or rocks. You also want the soil to have a ph of 7. You should test the soils ph level beforehand and rectify any issues using sulfur or ground limestone both of which are available at garden centers. Flowers also need at least 6 inches of loose soil to start growing in so make sure your top layer is this deep.

Select a location

Although flowers are typically easy to grow they need an area with a good mix of sun and shade throughout the day. If your growing a specific plant it is also a good idea to check how much sun and shade that plant needs to grow well and if you intend to plant more than one flower make sure they all have similar light requirements.

Decide on your flowers

Visit a local gardening center to find the best flowers for your garden. Growing from bulbs seeds or cuttings require the same technique so just focus on plants you like that will look nice in your yard. Make sure you check the tags to make sure it can be planted at the same time with same light as the others.

Planting Times

If you don't plant at the right time your garden will be ruined. Flowers don't do to well in weather too cold or too hot so make sure you plant in spring time. You should plant about two weeks after the most recent frost and when night time temperatures don't go below freezing.

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