Thursday, 15 January 2015

How to use a Saw Bench

There are a lot of people unsure of how to maximise effectiveness from their saw bench. This will help with some general information and some tips for using your saw bench.

General information

There is some confusion over how high a saw bench needs to be. My advice is to make it 20" and it can be cut down a bit at a time to get the best height. You should also be aware that any lower than 18" carries the risk of hitting your shop floor with your tools. The best materials off one to get is clear heavy construction grade lumber. To clarify splayed legs are not necessarily a good sign of stability.


On a regular saw bench you can shortcut at most 36" and the easiest way to use it and keep the board still is to use your legs as the clamps. Keep the leg opposite your cutting hand on top of the board e.g. (right handed left leg) while keeping your other leg firm against it. I personally prefer the ripping notch to get started and make sure your cutting arm swings over the cut line. For long cuts use the same legs as clamps idea to allow for similar cutting.

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