Wednesday, 10 December 2014

5 Tips to Prolong Your Lawnmowers Life

Lawnmowers are expensive pieces of kit, and just like most expensive machines you will get a good few years out of it before you eventually have to get rid and get a new one. But also like most machines there are plenty of ways of delaying this inevitable moment.

Using The Correct Fuel

This one is very self explanatory but the highest cause for lawnmowers breaking is because of incorrect fuel. Briggs and Stratton personally recommend never using fuel with more than 10 percent ethanol rating as this is a sure fire way to be sending your lawnmower to the morgue sooner rather than later.

Store Your Mower Properly

A lawnmower is definitely not a yard dog. If you leave your lawnmower open to the elements then you'll be lucky if it even starts when you want it to never mind perform at its best. Rust and corrosion can spell an early death for a lawnmower so keep it stored somewhere inside and dry!

Tire Pressure

If you ever find that your lawnmower is not cutting your lawn evenly there is no need to panic. You do not need to fork out for a new lawnmower... probably. Try checking the tire pressure as this is very simple to fix and can end up saving you a little bomb.

Clean the Mower Deck

The mower deck can be a cesspool for "gunk" that builds up and sticks. If left until it has to be cleaned your going to need a chisel and hammer however if you regularly clean the mower deck you will just need a sponge. You know what to do guys.

Basic Lawnmower Maintenance

Each lawnmower will have its own little quirks and tricks so the best way to keep your lawnmower fighting fit is by reading the manual and following the brand owners maintenance instructions! That's right guys just pick up the manual, I swear it doesn't bite.

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