Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Benefits and disadvantages of an Electric Chainsaw

When it comes to chainsaws most people don't know whether an electric or petrol chainsaw would be better for them so I'm going to cover the main advantages and disadvantage of an electric chainsaw.


Less power 

An electric chainsaw may not be up to the task of anything bigger than a small sapling but they are still useful for outgrowing branches and to trim hedges.

The cord

Electric chainsaws have a dangling cord that limits range and freedom of handling. They also sometimes will sometimes need an extension for the cord to reach far outside.



More manageable

An electric chainsaw is smaller and less powerful but this make ts easier to handle and maneuver for smaller than average users and helps take the intimidating edge off.

Easy start up

Petrol chainsaws require a pull start while electric chainsaws require a switch to be flipped. Electric chainsaws also remove the issue of having cans of flammable petrol around.

Easy storage

For electric chainsaws all you need to do to store it is remover the plug and place its protective blade scabbard on it.

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  1. Hi , Hugh !! Already I read many article about Electric Chainsaw .All article says electric chainsaw is comfortable for use . But after reading your post, I think your post is so good as different than other posts.Right now I knew it's has some of disadvantages . I love to read your post . Thank you for sharing this post.