Monday, 16 June 2014

How to use a Power Auger

For the experienced practitioner this can seem like a bit of a daft question but to the struggling novice this may be a life - or arm - saving article. I think the best way of starting this article is to just have a look at the different types of augers on the market.

The Power Auger

A power auger is a very powerful machine as the name suggests and another pair of strong hands may be required to control the machine. Needless to say the power auger is very effective at digging holes quickly but this does not mean it will be a walk in the park and there will be a lot of physical exertion with this particular machine.
  1. Dig a pilot hole
  2. Position the power with the help of a friend if it is a two person auger
  3. Turn on the machine and slowly increase the throttle
  4. Be careful not to dig too deep!

Health & Safety

Thee items of clothing that you should definitely be wearing when operating a power auger:
  1. Steel Toe Boots
  2. Leather Gloves
  3. Protective Eye Wear
All the clothing is pretty obvious for why you should wear it but the eye wear cannot be stressed enough. Stones and other bits of debris can shoot up and if one of those hits you in the eye, its not worth thinking about. Wear the glasses if nothing else.

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